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Raven has worked in the health sector for 36 years. During his career he has evolved a group of 17 cancer treatment centres over a 15-year period staffed by 2 doctors, 4 nurses and up to 16 healthcare professionals skilled in multiple alternative healing modalities, including, nutrition physio homeopathy and much more.

Raven has brought together the knowledge and skills of oncologists, doctors, nurses and leading alternative medical professionals to create a combined integrative approach towards supporting people diagnosed with cancer.

He has a passion for supporting the development of new technologies that increase the value of treatment for human health that are non-toxic and derived from viably sustainable plant sourced materials that are proven to support biological function and the human body’s innate ability to heal and repair.

Raven has been a public speaker for many years, extolling the importance of integrative medicine in normal health practice, both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, showing it can work synergistically, thereby improving the wellbeing of the recipient

Raven is married and lives with his wife and son in Bournemouth.