We will provide high nutritional superfoods, packaged as individual soups, shakes and mixes that simply require water.

These superfoods will be packed full of vitamins and plant-based minerals to boost the health and immune systems of those most in need, as well as help stem the acute epidemic of nutrition deficiencies and the diseases this causes.

We will make these superfoods available through food banks and outreach organisations such as Shelter, Crisis and homeless.org, as well as commission new and existing projects that can reach and bridge a channel of trust with the homeless community.


We will provide shelter in the form of homes as well as community and support centres on a national scale.

We will establish home and housing projects for the homeless, poverty-stricken families and veterans, working alongside new and existing projects and charity organisations.

Each unit will be compact, functional and equipped with a range of plant-based, chemical-free household cleaning and personal hygiene products, where possible packaged in sustainable, biodegradable packaging.


We will support the homeless, poverty-stricken families and veterans with projects and initiatives that will positively change lives and open doors back into mainstream society.

Projects such as a mailbox initiative, whereby homeless people will have access to their own smart mailbox facility for correspondence to and from an address. This is vital to enable them to have access to government benefits, support and employment opportunities.