Projects, projects and more projects

We are an operational projects-based company dedicated to changing lives. We are totally hands-on in our approach with fully operational and established teams, on the ground, that can implement change from concept to completion.

We help, support and enhance new and existing projects from Cornwall to Cumbria, by partnering with philanthropists consultants and existing charitable organisations to complete projects that will feed, shelter and support those in need and positively change peoples’ lives.

Our project flow is simple

  • We raise funds through charitable donations.
  • We work with philanthropists and consultants on new and existing opportunities as well as charitable organisations, to create feasibility studies around proposed projects that require urgent investment. This could be anything from a network of homeless superfood soup kitchens to a tiny homes homeless veteran village.
  • We run the projects in their entirety, hiring local teams where appropriate, to complete the work and create employment opportunities.
  • We manage the entire chain and process to ensure there is no financial leakage.
  • We report back with progress throughout the project’s process and supply PR and marketing content of the lives we have collectively changed, for all to see.

In short

We are in full control of the changes we make with no financial wastage. We finance, plan and implement the entire process from start to finish and report back to our community of donators and investors with visual and film content that shows first hand, how together, we have changed lives.